10 Creative Tips to Avoid Procrastination while Writing a Book

10 Creative Tips to Avoid Procrastination while Writing a Book

Book writing is undoubtedly an exciting journey unfolding numerous experiences for a writer. Unfortunately, many challenges can affect this journey; at the top of those can be procrastination.

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What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is delaying a particular task, project, or activity that is also significant. It includes deliberately avoiding necessary tasks to accomplish something irrelevant or unimportant usually.

Procrastination is a multifaceted aspect of human life that can imbalance various parts. For instance, we can face it in our professional work life, daily routine, academics, etc. It has multiple adverse effects that we should not overlook and must follow techniques to improve ourselves.

What Causes Procrastination while Writing a Book?

Many reasons can cause writers to face procrastination during any phase of life. Given below are some causes that can affect a writer’s productivity in the worst way:

Missing the Starting Point

One of the common causes of procrastinating while writing a book is “missing the starting point.” Ghostwriters generally face procrastination before starting to write the manuscript. We can also say that it is a product of inner fear and hesitation deeply rooted in self-doubts.

Remember that once a writer successfully crosses the point of procrastination, he can progress with multiple innovative ways to develop his manuscript.

Lack of Motivation

Motivation is the driving force to accomplish a targeted objective gained through the most authentic sources. Like other professionals, ghostwriters confront a lack of motivation and lose all the spirit to craft compelling stories or drafts.

Shattered Focus

Another significant cause of procrastination while writing a book is loss of focus. Book writing demands attention, creativity, and patience, which are highly affected by many distractions.

Besides, some internal factors emerge as potential reasons for procrastination, such as self-doubts, low confidence levels, fear of judgements, etc.

Lack of Creative Ideas

A good focus supports creativity, promotes productivity, and shows that all positive energies are interlinked. However, procrastination can damage the entire cycle of progress and development.

By delaying things, even the best ghostwriters are welcome to drain all the creative ideas for writing a book popping into their minds.

Effective Techniques to Overcome Procrastination

Everything, including procrastination, is under human control, provided we try to maintain focus and express willingness to overcome it. Hopefully, all the writers can defeat it following the below-given techniques:


It is one of the most essential techniques to overcome procrastination while planning to write a book. Set clear objectives and stick to them until the final stage of book completion.

A well-structured strategy helps prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and develop a writing routine. Please take it as a pro tip and plan your entire book writing process to see yourself progress and avoid a block.


Sometimes self-doubts surround us, giving rise to reasons to withdraw or lose interest while writing a book. Thus, analyze your writing potential by going through your previous artworks.

This is the best time to sit and examine all your capabilities and potential. Doing this can be instrumental in getting to the point where ghostwriters recall overcoming challenges of the past and crafting their best literary works. Consequently, it revitalizes the sense of motivation and self-confidence within them.

Get some Motivation

Whether you are a professional ghostwriter or a beginner, lacking motivation can knock on your door anytime. However, multiple ways to regain motivation include reading your previously written books.

Other than that, do whatever inspires you the most to reconnect yourself to your book’s core purpose. One of the best ways is imagining the results with a glimpse of success.

Moreover, you can visit famous writer’s book inauguration events or other cultural book promotional seminars.

The Importance of Schedule

Writing a manuscript for the book can be exhausting if you haven’t scheduled the writing process. Develop a writing routine; for instance, write one chapter a day or set a specified word count that is easily achievable per day.

Writing a book is about education, innovation and patience; practice all these skills daily and see the promising transformation.

Peaceful Place for Writing

Every writer desires to write a book with a captivating story and a well-structured theme. However, it becomes next to impossible if you have numerous distractions.

Organize yourself and look for a place where you can work peacefully. It can be your bedroom, a restaurant, a park, or a professional workplace. Remove all the potential distractions from your daily routine and focus on coming up with creative ideas.

Remove Stress by Exercise

Book writing can result in overwhelming stress, making it difficult for the ghostwriters or authors to continue after a particular time. Avoid keeping on sitting and writing without taking breaks. Besides, divide your day in bits and invest some time working out to relieve the build-up stress.

Avoid writing the entire chapter in one go. Have some water or fresh juice to stay hydrated. If working in a covered space like your room or office, go for fresh air. It is also recommended to watch a short humorous skit to reinforce your mental capability.

Wrapping It Up

Book writing is one of the most creative pastimes, which is also becoming a calling these days. However, to accomplish the very objective, it is essential to control yourself by avoiding all causes of procrastination.

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