A Beginner’s Guide to Write a Thrilling Crime Fiction Novel

A Beginner’s Guide to Write a Thrilling Crime Fiction Novel

If you are passionate about creating gripping crime fiction novels with lots of suspense, mystery, and engaging story, you’re at the right place. This guide will teach you the important steps to writing a masterpiece. Besides, Proficient thriller writers have been working in this genre to captivate readers for decades.

Whether an experienced writer or a beginner, this guide will help you explore crime thrillers insights. At Bellevue Publishers, we understand the significance of intrigue in crime fiction. Get unmatched ghostwriting services at the most budget-friendly packages.

Keep on reading the guide to sharpen your imaginative skills and begin the journey to craft compelling stories. Following are a few easy steps to become a fiction writing professional upon practising regularly:


Reading is the only way any writer can best understand how a story is developed. If you want to excel in writing the best crime thriller, develop a regular reading habit to get a firm grip on the genre and writing style.

Classic thrillers are the masters of genre with remarkable story plots and the most profound written techniques. Read the authors who have reshaped conventional genres through their creative skills.

Apart from novels, watch crime thriller movies, series, or documentaries to push your boundaries and let a stream of ideas flow in.

What Thrills You the Most

It is essential to garner ideas that thrill you the most; this is another way to figure out your fears and story preferences. Reflect on what genuinely gives you goosebumps and creates an adrenaline rush inside your body.

Furthermore, explore scenarios that scare others and generate ideas that resonate with the readers’ preferences. Challenge yourself with multiple milestones to acquire, thus exploring new ways of writing horror.


Thriller writers consider research the crucial tool and key component of writing a book on crime thriller based on authenticity and detail. Delve into the world of crime and law enforcement by doing extensive research. You can also take inspirational ideas from real events and crime cases of criminals involved in horrible activities.

Additionally, look for the best locations to incorporate in the plot giving it a more realistic feel. Continue researching various subgenres to lead your book-writing journey to a conclusive end.


One of the best ways to generate ideas is brainstorming which can help thriller writers develop interesting concepts to expand on. First, if you’re up for crafting a wonderful story, eliminate the maximum distractions and create a peaceful atmosphere. Specifically, find a place to sit and work harmoniously and build focus as much as possible.

During the process, let the ideas flow like a river stream and jot down every enticing idea. Always welcome unconventional ideas and consider different angles that will make your crime fiction stand out.

Take Start with a Gruesome Crime

To create a hook and connect your audience with the story, begin the book with the deadliest crime. This will be an attention-grabbing opening, and then expand your plot with other linked criminal activities.

Forget not to create a relevant impact on the lives of characters involved in those crimes. Moreover, it also explains the effects of gruesome operations on other characters not involved in any criminal activity. Remember, human nature always supports the underdog, and the story of clear characters can keep readers reading till the end.

Criminal Characters

Developing compelling criminal characters is the most critical part of a crime thriller novel. Produce their backstories, struggles, and the happenings that led them to adopt that path.

Consider the dynamics between your lead criminal characters and others in the story, for instance, the police, law-enforcement agents, detectives, lawyers, etc. Establish events that can drive the narrative forward, including unpredictable twists and turns and the necessary emotional factors.


Saying that a protagonist is the heart of any crime fiction won’t be an overstatement because he guides the audience through the complex world of crimes.

A protagonist drives the story, carries out all the investigation and compels readers to connect emotionally. Develop a progressive character to play a protagonist that will confront twists and turns and evolve, fighting his self-doubts and inner demons.

The most important is that your protagonist must not be someone with extraordinarily flawless qualities. Avoid adding perfection to his personality and try to make it sound realistic. Remember, weaknesses add depth and tension to your crime fiction.

Introduce conflict and resolution.

Conflict is the main concept of crime thrillers, meaning there will be no story without a potential conflict. This keeps readers invested in the story, drives the plot and develops readers’curiosity.

On the other hand, proposing a resolution is as important as creating conflict because the audience craves solutions and answers. Both elements are essential to keep the audience connected with the story and leave a lasting impression.

Summing Up

Crafting a thrilling crime fiction is an exciting journey filled with meticulous planning, enticing storytelling and detailing. Bellevue Publishers is a trusted resource when it comes to providing exceptional ghostwriting and publishing services.

With our teams of professionally skilled ghostwriters, we create engaging and enthralling crime fiction stories. Don’t miss this wonderful chance to learn to write your crime fiction literary masterpieces.

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