All You Need to Know about the 5 Most Interesting KDP Self-Publishing Tools

All You Need to Know about the 5 Most Interesting KDP Self-Publishing Tools

Kindle Direct Publishing is a dream-come-true platform for writers who want to unlock the digital realm of publishing and share their literary masterpieces with the world. According to Statista, the Amazon Kindle store dominates the eBook market, with a global market share of over 83% as of 2021, and the number is rapidly increasing in the coming years. Considering the platform's growing popularity, every new and established author wants to share their literary work on KDP. If you are new, here is a simple guide to learn about KDP’s five exciting tools.

These tools are the advanced version of Amazon Kindle publishing services through which self-publishing authors can have numerous benefits. The multiple new features have proven instrumental in complete book promotion and distribution. KDP advanced tools not just publish books but also manage operations going down various stages of book completion, such as cover designs, editing, formatting, potential keyword research, marketing, etc. All these tools can help build an adequate client base by selling eBooks quicker than traditional ways of promotion and marketing. With Bellevue Publishers, authors can enjoy learning about KDP tools in detail while finalizing their publication.

The Importance of KDP Tools

KDP publishing tools have become a necessary part of authors’ life with the capacity to change the way books are published and promoted. Using any device, writers are all set to get the finest version of their books or any other type of content in terms of formatting and other important stuff. Effective and engaging book covers can be designed to develop a tone that matches the book content. The book setting in terms of error-free text placement is the key to attaining tidiness which is done by KDP tools ensuring the quality of books.

The most significant part of a book is visual content. KDP tools allow publishers to get the most relevant images for books and guide them about the correct placement of each image. Extensive editing also plays a vital role in making the most of a book, another KDP toolkit feature. KDP tools allow professional book enhancement by offering quick and flawless grammatical error detection. This feature also helps enhance readability and take your book sales to the next level.

KDP has created quite a flurry in the online eBooks selling world. The feature that makes embedded links is remarkable to promote readers getting further information about the book's topic. Besides, developing promotional content such as online social media posts, banners, and other materials is just a matter of a few clicks. KDP tools even help authors build websites to quickly and independently promote books.

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

KDP provides its readers with the best quality reading experiences and a wide variety of book genres, making it more in demand. Readers can publish books in a specified format called the Mobi format. Kindle supports this format on all devices. In contrast, all the other digital booksellers use different formats, such as PDF or EPUB files. Publishers can convert these files to the only acceptable Mobi format through Amazon’s free file conversion feature.

Kindle has provided its readers and publishers with many helpful tools to ensure everyone finds reading or publishing books online simple and trouble-free.

KDP Select

Amazon KDP has advanced the standard version of the existing Kindle Direct Publishing tool. It is terrific for those authors who want three months or 90 days of online exclusivity. The platform allows selling their books entirely free for five days and provides valuable discounts for seven days. This feature is the most attractive for authors since they can place their books in the digital library for premium members. Besides, it helps in earning comparatively high amounts of royalties.

Create Space

Create Space is another tool by Amazon KDP publishing services for writers. It gives access to authors to the print-on-demand option, allowing them to sell as many paperback copies of their books as possible. These copies are generally linked with the online version of their books. Create Space is becoming more desirable among many self-publishing writers because it gives special offers to buyers, thus increasing chances to entice more audiences.

Amazon Associates

One of the most impressive features of KDP publishing is the Amazon Associate program, which is part of Amazon’s official affiliate program. It’s simple to use; the author or publisher must link his book to the related product Amazon sells on the website. For instance, if the book is about healthcare, it must be connected with any healthcare products. Consequently, clicking the link will take the buyers to the product. Using the links while promoting your eBooks is the best way to earn 5% to 7% of profits on each product sale.

Amazon Author Central

For authors to sell their work like an expert, AAC is an effective service designed by Amazon KDP. It is just like a CMS tool that permits sellers to create their personal biography page, making it simple to share the RSS feeds about their eBooks or blogs; authors can also feature their tweet posts and market their forthcoming books. Additionally, the authors can promote their public-speaking events as well. This is a source of attraction for all self-publishing authors because they can create an entire world of interested audiences around them, making it simple to approach a wide range of readers without spending much time.


Opting to publish eBooks through KDP tools is undoubtedly a great idea. The important thing is to do detailed research to find a tool that you believe will be best for your eBook sales. Every tool has certain features that give self-publishers the authority to decide which will fit their requirements.

Bellevue Publishers always suggests instant scanning of whatever tools you use before finalizing them. We also provide various other services that help you in your journey of self-publishing your book.

Moreover, this will help to promote and distribute books globally successfully. Reach out to us to turn your publishing expertise into a professional way to begin the journey of becoming a best-seller.

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