A Guide to find Professional Ghostwriting Services for your book.

How to Find the Finest Quality Ghostwriting Services

Writing a book demands a lot of time, dedication, and effort, thus making many individuals reluctant to begin the process. However, if you are genuinely invested in writing your book, there is an alternate way, i.e., ghostwriting, to make your literary dream come true.

Many skilled ghostwriters offer highly top-notch ghostwriting services in the market.

Bellevue Publishers is one of the prominent names providing high-end ghostwriting and book publishing services at affordable packages.

Places to Find Ghostwriters

Looking for a professional ghostwriter can be a very intimidating experience since there are a lot of scammers in the book-writing industry these days.

Individual search

Following are the most authentic and top-rated platforms where one can find book writing services fulfilling all your requirements:


LinkedIn is a professional social application providing access to all global organizations to gather on one platform. Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn connects professionals in different parts of the world.

With many online tools and options and a user-friendly interface, the platform ensures people get jobs or freelancers grab valuable projects. Similarly, anyone can find potential ghostwriters and take their online test to gauge their skills and expertise.


Indeed is another top-of-the-list online platform that provides various working opportunities, including ghostwriting services. It connects job seekers to potential employers giving them chances to prove their skills.

Moreover, the platform ensures proper guidelines, tools and protocols to filter out the best ghostwriter for your book writing project.


It is one of the popular websites famously known for its job search and employer review features. When it comes to finding ghostwriters, Glassdoor is an efficient platform providing a range of rating and reviews features to analyze the degree of skills of a ghostwriter.

You can sign up and find the one ghostwriter to provide the best quality content tailored to your needs.

Independent Ghostwriting Agencies

Ghostwriting agencies are specialized firms that offer top-quality ghostwriting services apart from the conventional book publishing industry. Working with these agencies has multiple advantages, such as providing various services, including writing the manuscript, editing, cover designs, formatting, publishing etc.

You can find such companies through referrals or online ads, but be careful because many scammers are always ready to make you their prey.

Freelance Marketplaces

These marketplaces work like a stream of ghostwriters and other professional services. However, you must find a dedicated and talented professional and finalize the deal.

Following are the leading marketplaces providing multiple instrumental features and options to help you find the finest quality services:


At Fiverr, you can look for ghostwriting services in a pretty different way than other marketplaces. It connects you directly with ghostwriters and other book publishing service providers, making the process simple and trouble-free.


Upwork provides a river of ghostwriters capable of offering tailored services delivered within a decided time at affordable rates.

There are two ways to get your book-writing process started without any delays. You can either look for professional ghostwriters and connect with them or post the project, and the freelancers will start sending you their offers.


Like other platforms, freelancer.com is a widely known online marketplace that connects employers with the most talented freelancers. There is no restriction on working from any specific region, but it allows professionals to join regardless of geographical area.

The competitive tools help employers negotiate pricing and learn more about ghostwriters, thus evaluating them based on their expertise.


Authors can also look for professional ghostwriting services at Guru, another freelance platform. It offers a wide range of ghostwriters and provides a necessary overview of their work through ratings, reviews and portfolios.

You can also go through their detailed descriptions elaborating on their list of expertise and experience.

Notes before finding a Ghostwriter?

Before embarking on the journey to look for a ghostwriter that matches your book writing requirements, follow specific essential guidelines that are given below:

Budget and Pricing

It is good to consider a few things, most importantly your budget, to finish your manuscript smoothly. If you have enough savings or a frequent flow of finances, proceed with the project, whether you're doing a job or a business persons.

Ensure all the payment terms are clear and agreed upon before assigning the project to the ghostwriter.


The professional way to complete a book writing task without trouble is by deciding the scope of work and timely deliverables. It is also a great practice to stay in touch with the ghostwriter and provide valuable feedback on the accomplished tasks.

Terms and Conditions

Before finalizing your project with a ghostwriter, meticulously design a terms and conditions framework and let your writer go through it. Include all the necessary terms, conditions and clauses and the valid process to resolve disputes between both parties at any point during the project.

Be transparent to ensure a professional, promising and long-lasting working relationship.


Whether you want the name of your ghostwriter on the book cover is your call. Clear this thing well before time to avoid conflict affecting the book publishing process.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a ghostwriter can be very exhausting because it needs a lot of things to be taken care of. Inexperienced ghostwriters can transform your excellent idea into a pathetic manuscript causing a waste of time and lots of money.

To avoid all these things and make your book stand out among others in the market, follow the guide and see your literary dreams turning to fruition. Bellevue Publishers is a one-stop solution for all your ghostwriting requirements. Trust the name and take the first step towards making your book a reality.

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