Top 5 Strategies for Getting Book Reviews and Testimonials

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Whenever someone is looking to buy something, they first look for reviews on the product. Be it books or a brand-new console that is out, the first thing they look at is the reviews. What do people think of that product? It is one of the many questions that come to the mind of the person buying that thing.

Similarly, a book needs to have proper reviews if you want more people to buy it. If your book does not have enough reviews, there is a good chance that your potential readers might move to a different book. It is evident that book reviews are critical, but on the other hand, it can be really tough to get reviews or testimonials for new books.

Why Getting Reviews Is Harder

If you have recently published your book, you might be facing difficulty in getting people to buy it. It is hard to get people to buy your book when you have no reviews. On the other hand, it is difficult to get reviews if people don’t buy your book, read it, and know what it’s all about.

Getting testimonials and reviews for your book can be challenging, but it can be done. It will take some hustle on your side; you will have to find people to review your book, but it can be done in the end. Moreover, in the most unusual places, you can get more reviews. This way, your book can be in front of a large audience and help increase your sales exponentially.

So, how can you get more reviews or testimonials for your book? Following are some tried and tested strategies that you can use to get book reviews and testimonials for your book.

You Can Ask Readers In The Back of The Book

The space that is present in the back of your book is extremely valuable. If someone has finished reading your book, there is a good chance that they liked it. If someone didn’t like your book, they would never finish reading it and leave it somewhere in the middle. This can be an excellent opportunity to reach out to readers who liked your book. What you can do is ask them straight away for a review.

It would be best if you let the readers who finished your book know how difficult it is to get reviews. You should let them know that you would greatly appreciate it if they would take a little bit of their time to write a review for your book. Some readers might not know how vital a review or testimonial is for your book. Once you let them know at the back of your book, you can increase the chances of getting a review from the readers who have finished reading your book.

Try Asking Your Readers Via Your Social Media Profiles And Mailing List.

If you have readers on your social media profiles or on your mailing list, you can use those to ask them to give a review or testimonial for your book. You can be part of different groups that might consist of horror fiction writers, adventure writers, or professional biography writers and ask them to leave a review for your book if your book is of the same genre as them. You can let them know that you are struggling to get reviews, and if they read your book, then ask them to leave a review and let them know how great it is for you.

Moreover, if your readers follow you on Facebook or X and if they have given you their email, the chances of them liking you and your book increase, and they might give you a good review. You can also share posts on your social media at least once a week where you ask them with a simple message to leave a review. This can be extremely helpful for your book to get more reviews.

You should also share and celebrate any good reviews on social media and on your mailing list. This will also tempt other people to leave reviews for your book so that you can recognize them, which will cause them to feel like a celebrity.

Watch Out For Readers Who Have Given Reviews To Books Similar To Yours And Reach Out To Them

If you are facing difficulties getting reviews for your book, you should go to Amazon and search for similar books. Once you have found a good number of books similar to yours, the next thing you should do is scroll to the reviews for those books. Start opening each reviewer's profile and check if they have an email or website there. Create an Excel list where you have the names, emails, and websites of people who have left a review.

Now, what you should do next is start reaching out to each of them one by one. You should say that you saw their reviews in the best action fiction book genre or the genre your book is in and tell them you would love to send them a copy. It would help if you said that you would like to receive a review on Amazon or anywhere they publish reviews. You must remember that you must address them directly as it would send out a professional image, which is always good for up-and-coming authors.

Try Searching For Book Reviewers on X

X is a great place to find people who have interests similar to yours. In fact, you can find people with all kinds of interests there. You can find several book reviewers on X; a great way to find them is through the X search function. You should search for “book reviewers,” “review books,” “best book reviews,” or even you can search for “book editors for hire” so that you can find professionals in the field.

After you do these searches, the X results will show some tweets with those phrases. However, if you scroll down a bit, you will see a “people” section. You should then click “View All,” browse through the list of users and find book reviewers who give out reviews for books of your genre. Some of these people have a website; you can even submit your book there and ask them to leave a review. If you can’t do that, you can look for their contact information and try contacting them directly.

X can be a valuable platform to find people, and you can use this to your advantage by finding people who can write a review for your book.

Look Out For Book Review Blogs Through The Search Engine

You can find several blogs on the internet solely dedicated to reviewing books. These sites have great benefits; you not only get the review but can also send out your book to that blog's audience. You can start by using search engines such as Google or Bing and phrases such as “book review blog,” “horror fiction writers book reviews,” or “book reviews,” and phrases just like this.

You should watch out for a few things; if you find out that they only review mainstream books, you should skip them. You should skip them if they haven’t posted anything in a month. You should also skip them in case they don’t review books of your genre. Once you keep these things in mind, you can find book review blogs that will do reviews for your book for free, which will help you improve your name in the literary world.

Summing It Up

Once you utilize these strategies effectively, there is a good chance that the reviews will start pouring in for your book. Readers will find out about your book, and people interested in your book's genre will be interested in buying your book and learning more about it.

Moreover, if you are unable to execute these strategies perfectly, you can always ask for help from a third-party service provider. Bellevue Publishers is one of the top publishing services providers out there and also helps authors get positive reviews on recognized platforms, which helps authors gain authority and recognition. If you are facing problems getting reviews for your book, you can always reach out to Bellevue Publishers, who will help you get the best book reviews.

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