6 Novels That Are Considered the Greatest Books Ever Written

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In the world of literature writing, some novels have earned remarkable fame by providing captivating stories to readers and turning out to be the best books of all time. These extraordinary books have shaped the literary framework and left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of readers.

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Below is the list of 12 novels that have earned the title “Best Novels Ever” for various reasons.

To Kill a Mocking Bird

One of the famous book writers, Harper Lee, is renowned for his To Kill a Mocking Bird, which was Published in 1960, and soon after its publication, it became popular. The major reason for its hit was the subject, the perfect story structure, and powerful and well-explained characters. The book is about racism in the South American region, closely analyzed by a young girl named Jean Louise.

Its legendary characters, most importantly the kind-hearted lawyer and father Atticus Finch, played as a role model and influenced the perceptions in most parts of the United States during the times when there was much racism in the US society.

Lee is considered the most distinguished author with exceptional capabilities to influence American society during the cultural decade, which was the 1960s and the following period.

The Great Gatsby

Scott Fitzgerald, the master of writing novels, came into the limelight because of his efforts and dedication to introducing literature reading among young school-going children. He wanted to develop the habit of literature evaluation and critique among teenagers, thus attracting them towards novel reading.

The novel tells the story of a young boy, Nick Carraway, who visits New York City for the first time and meets his neighbor, Jay Gatsby, who has just become rich and wants to spend lavishly. Gatsby belongs to a mysterious origin, causing to enhance Carraway’s interest in his existence.

The novel takes readers to the prominent US Jazz Age of the early 20th century when the new Jazz music and dance styles became well-known. Moreover, Fitzgerald stood among the best American writers and wonderfully evaluated the “Great American Dream” idea in this book. The book is a masterpiece of fiction writing, and it is still alive in the public eye because of its exceptional first-person narrative style, incredible character description, smooth flow and unmatched cover design with a beautiful selection of captivating colors.

A Passage to India

A Passage to India is a composition by E.M. Forster, who wrote the book after getting inspired by multiple visits to the Indian subcontinent, the beautiful landscapes, rich culture, food, religious and traditional diversity and much more.

The fictional story expands on the friendly relationship between the lead Dr Aziz, a Muslim Indian doctor, an English professor, Cyril Fieldin and visiting English educator, Adela. The readers continue to discover how the relationship between The British and the Indian community changes soon after Dr Aziz gets falsely accused of sexually assaulting Adela during a trip to the fictional city of Chandrapore.

The book is political fiction published during the 1920s, uncovering the British Raj’s era in India and the interconnected events leading to the struggle for independence.

Anna Karenina

Readers with great interest in themes like romance, fiction, and thriller simultaneously would keep Anna Karenina at the top of their reading list. Wonderful artwork by Leo Tolstoy depicts the execution of adultery, gambling and complex marriages in the light of the Russian Feudal system.

Published in 1878, the novel explores the life story of two lead characters: a distressed and unhappy housewife, Anna and her partner Konstantin Levin. The couple struggles to succeed in the path of faith, love, and philosophy.

Tolstoy reveals the challenges of romance, suffering, family involvement, and much more in Russian society. He introduced fair treatment of women, making himself one of the best writers in the literary genre.


Toni Morrison was famous for exceptional fiction writing novels that are powerful enough to captivate readers. Beloved is one of her leading victories, making her one of the best sellers in the US.

Morrison portrayed the life story of an enslaved person, Sethe, who just got freedom after escaping from prison to Ohio during the 1870s. The lead murders her child, whom she named Beloved, to avoid slavery and struggles to confront emotional and psychological pain and the negative effects of living like a slave.

The novel got Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for its unmatched representation of intense emotional elements and the significance of having a supportive family. Besides, it focuses on the need for spiritual healing along with practising mental and physical workouts.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

The master of picturizing the early Latin American culture through magical words, Gabriel Garcia, a Colombian author, has written One Hundred Years of Solitude. Garcia beautifully depicts the story of a Buendia family and its seven generations leading to the construction of their family town, Macondo.

The entire family hierarchy goes down to the final descendants, eventually causing their destruction for various reasons. There is a sufficient element of magic and mysticism throughout the novel.

Writing a novel on Colombian history provides a window to the country’s rich culture and the lush green landscapes with fields, mountainous valleys, rivers, etc.

Final Thoughts

Writing these novels or books has gained a special place in the world of literature and turned out to be a blueprint for future compositions. Each story has a unique style with the brilliance of elaborating historical ideas through easily understandable language and expressions.

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