A Complete Guide to Write Horror Fiction Novel in 8 Easy Steps

A Complete Guide to Write Horror Fiction Novel in 8 Easy Steps

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned writer, the horror genre entices you with spine-chilling stories that pound your heart. This guide will help turn your imagination into reality.

Before moving further towards the tips for writing a novel, let’s look at the statistics of the popularity of the horror thriller genre. According to Statista, The sales of horror fiction books in 2021 reached over $420 million worldwide.

The growing audience for terrifying tales increases our curiosity to explore the insights of the genre. Thus, guiding and inspiring horror writers to get hands-on experience crafting the most compelling horror-thriller novels. Bellevue Publishers masters the skill of providing professional ghostwriting services, turning your stories into reality.

Follow the tips given below and start writing a book:


The initial step to begin with engaging horror fiction writing, it is important to read the works of top-notch horror writers. Reading habits will provide a detailed overview of the genre and inspire the writer to grip useful techniques and learn the writing style.

Begin with reading classic horror stories to understand the genre fundamentals. Besides that, keep an eye on the current trends of writing a novel based on fear and thrill. This practice will help understand horror fiction’s evolution process, developing skills for captive readers.

Explore the multiple horror subgenres like supernatural, cosmic, psychological, and more. This exploration journey will guide you through the steps of writing horror, making you figure out what genre resonates with your writing and imagination expertise.

Develop Captivating Story

A strong, well-established, and irresistible story would make the audience read ahead till the novel’s last chapter. To craft a readable story, start by brainstorming ideas for your book.

Develop a concept that interest you the most and has essential elements to invoke fear and suspense in the readers. Besides, develop unforgettable characters, specifically the lead, like the petrifying Scar-faced in the famous movie series Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Besides that, the lead monster in the popular Frankenstein book series is still in people’s minds even after decades of successful publication. Create suspense and tension through the moments of anticipation and fright.

Introduce the fear Factor

The key in every horror story is instilling fear in the audience by adding the core fear factor that would startle them at once. Identify the source of jump scares that would drive the actual narrative.

Moreover, the important elements of horror fiction writing are to keep the audience guessing and develop the atmosphere of uncertainty step by step, revealing the reality behind the story or characters.

Focus on what gives you the chills

To write an exciting horror thriller, looking into your fears and discovering what gives you death scares is important. There are various ways of doing that, such as reflecting on childhood phobias, a disturbing nightmare, or maybe some preexisting fear from any particular situation, place, or person.

One can also get inspiration from real-life stories or incidents that may have happened to you or someone you know. Incorporating thrill by adding psychological fears is the best way to unsettle your audience genuinely.

Imagine the surreal turning into reality

The finest aspect of horror fiction is the capability of the writer to turn the surreal into wonderfully real. It is a trait of the best writers to create a gloomy boundary between what’s real and imaginary.

Include occurrences strong enough to challenge the readers’ perception of reality. Besides, don’t forget to establish a balance between real and unreal because too much surrealism can lead the audience to mystification.

Develop suspense by establishing perception

Selecting the novel’s most suitable perspective increases suspense and makes it more captivating. Remember that the first-person narrative style would take readers to the writers’ confrontations of frightful situations.

However, the third-person perspective helps to understand the story in a broader view of occurrences. You can also add unreliable characters to make them more misleading and manipulate the audience’s thought process.

Introduce creepy sounds, instantaneous happenings, or uncanny sensations to make your words feel undeniably real.

Introduce Compelling dangers to the Characters.

To keep readers completely engaged in your horror fiction novel, it is significant to incorporate captivating dangers that pose deadly threats to your characters. Create a link between the character’s mindset and past traumas or horrifying happenings.

Work on the psychological aspects of threats by inflicting your characters with mental pain, obsessions, or distress. Also, establish sources that can subject characters to intense physical dangers, whether deadly physical torture by a group of cannibals, surviving an apocalypse, etc.

Be Creative

Before writing a book or a novel, regardless of the genre, let your creative juices begin to flow. Creativity is crucial when crafting something from scratch, therefore, take help from thinking out of the box.

Try to push your boundaries by exploring situations or plots other than the traditional way—experiment with something unconventional, such as monsters, setting, and unanticipated twists and turns.

Add situations that would give rise to new and innovative scares that would leave a lasting impression on the audience and make your writing unforgettable.

Final Thoughts

Reading through the ten simple steps of writing a horror fiction novel, we have discovered various techniques for creating gruesome stories. With the help of this guide, anyone can write daunting plots with valuable insights.

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